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Here is a few examples of the type of media that can be created to spread your message to potential clients. From recording live events, making animation characters, devices, and logos to creating new memories of old video and photographs, AlexxMedia Solutions can help you.

Good friend and owner of 'Events by Danielle'

had an idea of the holiday during the pandemic with the tradition of Elf on the Shelf

Pandemic Elf on the Shelf


Put together these 2 videos for Cozymeal website

The Alexander Records

The Alexander Records was a book that my father, David T. Alexander spent over 30 years writing and now published in 2020, I created small marketing for the book with this video that I put together, voiced over by Casey Davis.

If you like to more about 'The Alexander Records II', or hiring the talents of Casey Davis, feel free to message me

This was for the new device, "SperConnect" where I created with asset designed by the company, I wrote the script animated, added my own voice over and edited together.

Gabriel Ad

Joint partnership of ASU, UTO, and Crowdstrike Security asked for this video to be created for the highlights of the event that I filmed and photo graphed, written, voiced over and created video

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