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Tuesday Club

Was asked to write, edit photos and bring them all together into a small video to promote to parents that an after school club for their children

Partner to Protect

This was part of ASU Online Security, where I build many video elements mixed with previously made elements that I have done with Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and TechSmith Camtasia. The Lock was given to me as a single frame, but I added it, breaking away in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. 

Unreal Engine 5 and AlexxMedia Solutions

Play this video!

Other than Unreal Engine 5, I have been going through the same studies with a program known as Blender.
Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software tool used to create animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, virtual reality, and computer games. Blender's features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, raster graphics editing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpting, animating, match moving, rendering, motion graphics, video editing, and compositing.

Cinema 4D

I have been a Cinema 4D user since 2009, this program got me into 3D, from there learning from so many great artists from all over the globe, it has been fun, frustrating, but would not give up a moment of it, but would have handle situations differently, but that is the luxury of looking back can do fo you. You need a logo, 2D, 3D XR, VR, AR no program is good to start with than Cinema 4D

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