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I am Cliff Alexander. I love movies, television, and anything that tells a good story. Since I can first remember, I love taking components and things apart and put them together from my early days growing up south of Detroit, MI.

Learning about storytelling and video production from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. in Southfield, MI. I moved to Arizona in late 2000, and then life happens.

After a few years of things happening, I attended Collins College in 2007 to work on a reality show that sadly was not developed.

Continuing to working in the Live events and Hotel Resort Audio/Video from 2007 - 2014. Working for myself in those years and working for the local CBS station in 2009 and then time with many different small businesses developing their company ads and logos by collaboration, write, film, and edit.

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Helping businesses getting their story out to potential clients. With live commercials, animated 2D, 3D and into the future with VR tech,
It is always best to honor yesterday with the technology  of tomorrow


The Best is yet to come. Dream for father then what is now. That you know what work from yesterday and learn what tomorrow can bring.

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